Developing & Evaluating an Outcomes-Focused SPIL

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Partial Logic Model with Activities

This is a black and white flow chart illustrating a partial logic model with activities. At the top is a box with a Sample Mission Statement that says "People with disabilities in our State live independently and participate fully in their community." Below the Mission Statement Box are three Example Goal boxes. From left to right they say, "Example Goal: People with disabilities receive needed services from the current IL system", "Example Goal: The current IL system operates efficiently", and "Example Goal: The IL system is expanding." The third row consists of four boxes, "Example Objective: Key organizations have sufficient resources", "Example Objective: IL providers are well-trained", "Example Objective: IL providers are well-equipped", and "Example Objective: Formerly underserved populations are served". The fourth row consists of four blank boxes titled "Activities", with each one connected to one of the four Example Objective boxes in the third row with a black arrow pointing from the Activities boxes to the row above.

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