Empowering Youth to TAKE CHARGE of Their Own Transition: The Role of CILs

Table of Contents

  1. New Community Opportunities Center at ILRU Presents...
  2. Empowering Youth to TAKE CHARGE of Their Own Transition: The Role of CILs
  3. Purpose of the Project
  4. Youth Transition Project Team
  5. Objectives: Three Parts - You will learn...
  6. Part I: Why Partner? What Happens to Youth after High School?
  7. What Youth Say They Want to Do After High School? (N = 742)
  8. Postsecondary School Enrollment, by
  9. Paid Employment of Out-of-School Youth
  10. Requirements of Transition Legislation
  11. IDEA of 2004 - Transition Services Definition
  12. Definition of Transition Services
  13. Postsecondary Goals
  14. Broad Goals of CILs and Special Education Services are Similar
  15. Components of Self-Determination (SD)
  16. Why the Emphasis on SD?
  17. Self-Determination Follow-Up
  18. Self-Advocacy Characteristics
  19. Mandated Planning Documents
  20. Self-Advocacy
  21. Questions and Answers
  22. Part 2: Tools and Strategies
  23. The Self-Determined Transition Model
  24. The Self-Determined Transition Model - Phase 1: What is my goal?
  25. The Self-Determined Transition Model - Phase 2: What is my plan?
  26. The Self-Determined Transition Model - Phase 3: What have I learned?
  27. Strategies for CILs to Promote Self-advocacy
  28. Peer Supports to Enhance SD
  29. Tools to Assess Self-Determination
  30. The Arc Self-Determination Scale
  31. The Arc's Self-Determination Scale, cont'd.
  32. AIR Self-Determination Scale
  33. AIR Self-Determination Scale, cont'd.
  34. Online Self-Assessments
  35. Approaches for Promoting SD in Youth
  36. Checklist to Promote Active Participation in Planning Meetings
  37. Student Participation Strategies, con't.
  38. Empowering Youth to Become Self-Advocates
  39. Encourage Youth to:
  40. Questions and Answers 2
  41. CIL Core Service: Information & Referral
  42. Schools, CIL and Adult Services can improve transition outcomes if they collaborate
  43. National Resources
  44. The Role of Education, CILs & Rehabilitation
  45. Transition: A Bridge to College, Careers and Life
  46. Wrap Up and Evaluation
  47. New Resource for CILs
  48. New Community Opportunities Attribution

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Wrap Up and Evaluation

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